About Us

Banyan Tree Tours StaffThe name banyan tree comes from one of Bali's native trees,this tree is considered a holy tree and is believed to contain spirits. The Balinese have a strong respectful relationship with the spirits, animals, plants and one another it is their custom to maintain this harmony.

Banyan Tree Tours Staff

What is Banyan Tree Bike Tours?

The Banyan Tree Bike Tours is a Balinese owned and operated business dedicated to showing visitor Bali's amazing culture and countryside. It started in 2008 and was developed by Ketut Bagiada who had worked in the tourism industry for many years taking the tracks and trails of many touring companies before. He wanted to share with people another side of Bali, an unseen side where there were no café's or tour bus and you wouldn't pass another touring company on the way.

Banyan Tree Tours was born, an original route through small traditional villages and along quiet roads and trails to expose an untouched side of Bali. Experience an exhilarating ride and be welcomed by many friendly locals on the way.

Don't just see the beauty be in the beauty

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